Living Authentically is:

  • Living and loving from your heart and soul
  • Living in the moment which means not fearing some repetition of the past or being anxious about some future event  (that may or may not take place)
  • Acknowledging and feeling your feelings and emotions by:
    • not suppressing or repressing them because they are “bad” or because you are “not supposed” to feel that
    • not necessarily letting everyone around you know what those feeling are
    • not acting on or from all your emotions
  •  Sensing with your senses fully engaged like:
    • awe-ing over a beautiful sunset
    • delighting in a song that you love or that lifts you up
    • stopping to smell a flower
    • tasting the richness of dark chocolate (70% cacao, fair trade, organic, if you can of course)
    • luxuriating in a bubble bath or jacuzzi

These are moments when you are totally engaged in life – feeling the life energy flowing through you.

This doesn’t mean your mind is out-to-lunch or on vacation.  It also doesn’t mean the that you are living only from the neck up.  

It does mean that you consciously connect your mind to the Higher Intelligence.

Authentic living is also:

  • Knowing your limitations and going beyond them (when appropriate – at least sometimes!!)
  • Acknowledging and working through the barriers that seem to get in the way of what you want
  • Discovering who You truly are and what You are here to be and do

Ultimately, living authentically is feeling the flow of Life move through you and knowing that you are a part of that Grand Flow.


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